Nutrifield Fabric Pots

Available sizes: 3G/11L, 5G/19L, 7G/27L, 10G/38L, 15G/57L

Say goodbye to plastic and ceramic pots for good. Grassroots fabric pots are the better way to grow. Handcrafted by skilled craftspeople from an American-made geotextile, Grassroots Classic Fabric Pots encourage air flow, prevent root binding, keep the soil cool, and foster healthier, more productive plants. 

Handcrafted with an American-made polypropylene and high-performance bonded thread for mold and mildew resistance. All materials are environmentally friendly and chemically stable. They’re also free of BPA and heavy metals.

Lightweight material is easy to move, machine washable, and folds small for storage. Double-stitched bottom seam on the outside to extend product lifespan. All fabric containers 30 gallons or more are triple hemmed for added durability.

Provides better aeration and air pruning for healthier roots. Allows the plant’s root systems to share space and nutrients.

The breathable fabric makes the Classic Fabric Pots ideal for growing outdoors in humid settings or hydroponic gardening, or if you feed your plant directly instead of the soil. If you aren’t growing in these conditions, you may experience uneven drainage and dry pockets, and your plants may require more frequent watering. For growing in dryer climates and greenhouses, consider Grassroots Living Soil Fabric Pots and Beds. Our Classic Fabric Pots & Beds are made from a breathable fabric that drain and dry from all sides.

Available in the following regions:
  • Australia
  • New Zealand