The Hortitek Defender is the perfect light kit for all growers. Packaged in one easy box it’s a high quality light kit for a low price. Hortitek combines both quality and simplicity is this 600w kit that includes an Indoor Sun 600w HPS lamp, a Hortitek 600w magnetic ballast, and a 400mm dimpled batwing shade. 

Only the best components are used in Hortitek ballasts to ensure you have the most reliable and efficient ballast powering your lamp. 

The Hortitek 600w ballast is compatible with both HPS and retro-fit conversion lamps. It has thermal overload protection and runs on a low 2.8 amps. Indoor Sun Lamps are tested to meet the highest standards in lumen output and lamp performance. You can rest assured you are getting the top HPS lamp with an Indoor Sun lamp.

Available in the following regions:
  • Australia
  • New Zealand